1. 01ICR shall develop and maintain documented procedures for managing complaints and appeals against their decisions. The procedures shall include provision for corrective and/or preventive action, identified through root cause analysis, to be taken if required as a result of any complaint or appeal.
  2. 02The procedures are required to include the potential for involvement of EXEMPLAR GLOBAL in unresolved complaints or appeals.
  3. 03ICR is required to inform all candidates/graduates of the right to make a complaint or an appeal against the outcomes of the examination and provide written details of the process for doing so on request.
  4. 04 ICR is required to notify each complainant or appellant in writing of the result of any complaint or appeal submitted and of the right to appeal against the result to EXEMPLAR GLOBAL.
  5. 05 ICR shall maintain records on Complaint and appeal logo (ICR-11) of all complaints and appeals, and of their resolution.
    (These records must be made available to EXEMPLAR GLOBAL on request.)
  6. 066. ICR shall conduct satisfaction survey to the candidates when a training course is finished, and it shall be recorded on Satisfaction Survey (ICR-15).
Note) Procedures for complaints and appeals are also publicized on the website (www.icrqa.com).
In addition, actions for a complaint shall be provided in written notice to the person who raises the complaint under final approval of the president of the training provider.