Certification & Test for industrial machinery

In modern society, international trade is getting active and regulations are being established. Certification of industrial machinery is aimed at ensuring health and safety for workers, consumers, or animals and goods, in relation to risks arising from industrial machinery. Industrial machinery has an important role in the engineering industry and are one of the basic industries of the community economy.

Regulations and standards that must be complied with to obtain certification of industrial machinery exist. Certification is required for each country including KCs, S-Mark in Korea, Machinery Directive (CE) in Europe, NRTL in U.S. and TR CU in Russia. In addition, there are tests which are required by each regulation and standard.

ICR provides service for certification and test of industrial machines. The certification and test services provided by ICR are generally simple and accurate. In addition, some tests can be carried out without restrictions on space or equipment, and can be obtained value for time and cost.

Product scope

Machinery means that the machine or part of the machine which is including moving parts or linked with moving parts, safety components, hazardous machinery, etc.
Machine tools: Lathe, Milling machine, Roller machine, Press, Injection molding machine, etc.
Transport machine: Electric forklift truck, Crane, Conveyor, Lift, etc.
Semiconductor • LCD Manufacturing Equipment: CVD, Etch, Inspection, PVD, etc.
Automatic equipment: Robot, Printing machine, Welding machine, Marking, Inspection, Packing, etc.
Other Industrial Machinery • Apparatus: Aerial work platforms, Crusher, Food processing machine, etc

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