ICR's MIL Testing and Certification Services

The characteristics of the defense industry include: ① Performance is more important than product price. ② Defense is the purpose. No matter how expensive the product is, it is in demand. ③ All products are consumables. Technology is committed and technology progress is fast. As such, confidentiality of defense standards expertise and technology leakage is the most important issue for defense evaluation. In order to improve the quality and reliability of munitions, ICR provides electromagnetic wave (EMC) and one-stop testing and certification services with systematic and professional technology. In addition, KOLAS is recognized as a specialized agency for munitions testing by signing a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Defense Technology and Quality for munitions testing and analysis technology.

Product range

Drive Unit Assembly, Cheonung MFR Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Drive Amplifier Unit, K9 Tachometer, Aimator Reflector, Mounting Tracking Antenna, Induction Coal Motor (MIU), Ammunition Packaging Material, Acoustic Positioning Device Console, PTS Precision Positioning Device Loading Unit, Fire Control System, Remote Operated, Ground Navigation System Assembly

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