Broadcasting and Communication Equipment Conformity Assessment System

The conformity assessment system for broadcasting and communication equipment is implemented in accordance with Article 58-2 of the Radio Wave Act and is classified into three categories: conformity certification, conformity registration, and provisional certification. Any person who intends to manufacture, sell or import broadcasting and communication equipment must undergo conformity assessment on the applicable conformity certification, conformity registration or provisional certification among the relevant equipment.

Broadcasting and Communication Equipment Conformity Assessment System

Conformity certification

Conformity evaluation that must be certified through tests related to conformity assessment standards of designated test institutes as materials that may cause harm to the radio wave environment and broadcasting and communication networks, and materials that are seriously affected by electromagnetic interference or interfere with normal operation from electromagnetic waves.

Conformity registration

This is a conformity assessment that registers after testing or conforming to the conformity assessment criteria if you intend to manufacture, sell, or import broadcasting and communications equipment that are not subject to conformity certification.

Provisional Certification

If conformity assessment standards for broadcasting and communication equipment are not in place, or if conformity assessment is difficult due to other reasons, the conformity assessment is conducted according to domestic and international standards and technical standards. This is a conformity assessment that allows import and sale.

Corresponding products

1. High-frequency equipment used for industrial, scientific or medical purposes: Equipment and equipment designed to generate or partially use high-frequency energy for industrial, scientific, medical and household purposes (according to Article 58 (1) of the Radio Wave Act) Radio application equipment excluded)

2. Vehicle and internal combustion engine driving equipment: Vehicles and internal combustion engine driving equipment that interfere with radio communication or broadcast reception (excluding two-wheeled vehicles classified by the Automobile Management Act as the prime mover).

3. Multimedia equipment: Broadcasting and receiving devices, audio and video related devices, information and office devices
※ Broadcasting receiving equipment and audio / video related equipment: A voice and television receiver for receiving broadcast or similar information in the frequency range from 9㎑ to 400㎓ and a device for directly generating and playing voice or visual information connected to it ( Except for machinery and equipment attached special structures)

4. Electrical appliance and electric tools
※ Except for any of the following
1) Explosion-proof
2) Medical device according to Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the 「Medical Device Act」 among Electric mat, electrical moxibustion device, facial steamer, infrared / ultraviolet radiation skin care machine, electric massage machine, electric steam sauna machine, half body bath sauna and electric foot bath

5. Lighting equipment: appliances or devices with fluorescent and lighting functions in the frequency band from 9 kHz to 400 kHz

6. Electric Railway Equipment
(Electric railway vehicles, power supply devices, control devices, etc., devices in electric rail vehicles, signal devices and telecommunication devices for driving control, and other fixed power facilities)

7. Firefighting equipment
(It is limited to equipment subject to type approval or performance certification in accordance with the Act on the Prevention of Fire, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Facilities, and Safety Management)

8. Electric bicycles
(It is limited to devices that fall under the provisions of Article 2, Paragraph 1, Article 2 of the Act on Activation of Bicycle Use.

9. Power supply and mobile phone battery charger
(Except for components or parts that are not used for general purposes and are embedded in special equipment and used)

10. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear

11. Power line communication equipment (equipment of communication equipment with a frequency of 9 kHz or more in the electric line)
※ Except for radio wave application equipment under Article 58 (1) 2 of the Radio Wave Act.

12. Uninterruptible power systems

13. Elevators (limited to equipment that applies electromagnetic compatibility standards in elevator inspections under the Elevator Safety Control Act)

14. Other equipment

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