Introduction to the Test

The evaluation for Ex-product is generally divided as document evaluation and test evaluation, and the test evaluation shall be conducted type test for general requirements and each type of protection.

Applied field

Type test for general requirements (IEC 60079-0 & ISO 80079-36)
Thermal tests / Resistance to impact / Drop test / Degree of protection (IP) by enclosures / Thermal endurance to heat / Thermal endurance to cold / Surface resistance test of parts of enclosures of non-metallic materials / Small component ignition test / Torque test for bushings / Resistance to UV light, etc.

Type test for each type of protection (IEC 60079 series & ISO 80079-37)
Spark ignition test / Determination of explosion pressure (reference pressure) / Overpressure test / Test for non-transmission of an internal ignition / Cable pull test / Purging test / Dilution test / Functional test, etc.

Affected product

Products used or installed at sites such as mines, plants, ships, manufacturing processes, etc. where the atmosphere of explosive gases and dust can be formed.

Industry sector

Test Standard

Domestic(Korean) standards : Protective device safety certificate notification
International standards
IEC 60079-0 - Part 0: Equipment - General requirements
IEC 60079-1 - Part 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures "d"
IEC 60079-2 - Part 2: Equipment protection by pressurized enclosures "p"
IEC 60079-5 - Part 5: Equipment protection by powder filling "q"
IEC 60079-6 - Part 6: Equipment protection by oil immersion "o"
IEC 60079-7 - Part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety "e"
IEC 60079-11 - Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i"
IEC 60079-15 - Part 15: Equipment protection by type of protection "n"
IEC 60079-18 - Part 18: Equipment protection by encapsulation “m”
IEC 60079-28 - Part 28: Protection of equipment and transmission systems using optical radiation
IEC 60079-29-1 - Part 29-1: Gas detectors - Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases
IEC 60079-31 - Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"
ISO/IEC 80079-34 - Part 34: Application of quality systems for equipment manufacture
ISO 80079-36 - Part 36: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Basic method and requirements
ISO 80079-37 - Part 37: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres - Non electrical type of protection constructional safety "c", control of ignition source "b", liquid immersion "k"


Test equipments

  • Explosive test chamber (IEC 60079-1)

  • Spark ignition tester (IEC 60079-11)

  • Overpressure test facility (IEC 60079-1)

  • MESG tester (IEC 60079-20-1)

  • Thermal endurance test chamber (IEC 60079-0)

  • Small component ignition tester (IEC 60079-0)

Contact Person

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