What is European Norms Electrical Certification (ENEC) Certification?

The European Norms Electrical Certification (ENEC) system is increasingly used in Europe as a complement to CE marking.
ENEC is a high-quality European mark on electrical products that shows compliance with European Standards (EN).
The European Accredited Electricity Authority has opened the European ENEC mark in all electrical product categories.
The ENEC scheme, operated under the authority of the European Electrical Products Certification Association, enables manufacturers and importers to verify and ensure compliance with the product safety requirements required by the EN (European Standards) standard through testing by third-party laboratories.
ENEC means safety in Europe and all signatories to the ENEC mark system actively support commitment to the highest level of safety.

Applied product

Lighting and Lighting Related Parts
power supply unit
Device Switch
IT equipment
automatic electrical control
white appliances
Connectors, control accumulators and filters

The ENEC Scheme consists of the overall certification scheme defined in ISO/IEC 17067:2013, based on the basics and guidelines of product certification for conformity assessment - product certification schemes.
Designated laboratories under the ENEC scheme are subject to rigorous initial assessments as well as rigorous re-evaluation of test operations.
For lighting products, the European Electrical Products Certification Association introduced the ENEC+ system to evaluate the design and performance of lighting products, including LEDs.
The ENEC+ scheme complements the ENEC scheme by independently verifying safety and performance.
The ENEC+ scheme also reduces the need for separate performance tests, part of the purchasing process, as ENEC+ testing typically covers all of the initial specification elements.

ENEC and ENEC+ Important Reasons

More than 16,000 valid ENEC and ENEC+ certifications covering more than 85,000 products sold or distributed in Europe have been issued.
ENEC-certified electrical products have been independently evaluated for safety in accordance with European safety standards, improving the confidence level of buyers.
Lighting products with ENEC and ENEC+ marks have been further evaluated in relation to the relevant performance criteria, thereby preventing unnecessary redundancy testing.

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