CB authentication

An international system for mutual recognition of test reports and certificates covering the safety of electrical and electronic devices and components operated by IECEE under the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The basis for mutual recognition among countries is to issue and acknowledge test reports and certificates according to international standards issued by IECE-certified testing agencies (CBTLs) and manufacturers laboratories (CTFs).

Currently, there are 54 national member organizations (MBs) that have joined the IECEE (Korea: KATS, Japan: JISC, USA: US IECEE Technical Committee, etc.).

Manufacturers wishing to export electrical and electronic products to various regions have access to CB test reports and certificates and add test reports and certificates for additional requirements in each country.

To obtain CB certification?

This is how manufacturers obtain CB test reports and certificates for their electrical and electronic products using a third-party testing agency (CBTL) registered with IECEE.

Since 2017, ICR has registered its medical device product line with IECEE as CBTL testing agency, providing CB testing and approval services.

The other method is for the manufacturer to have his/her own laboratory (CFT) and to register with IECEE for CB certification.

However, the manufacturer shall cover the human/physical resources for maintaining the laboratory.

Which product and family of products can be CB certified?

The product family specified by IECEE currently has 22 categories that are subject to CB certification. Typical products include Home Appliances (HOUS), LITE, Medical Devices (MED), Office Equipment (OFF), and Audio/Video Devices (TRON).

▶HOUS: Refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, washing machine, bidet, etc.
▶LITE: Light and converter used for lighting purposes
▶MED: Electrical and electronic medical devices used for medical purposes
▶Office equipment: notebooks, monitors, photocopiers, choppers, etc.
Application Specification: Apply standards issued by IEC (www.iec.ch)

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