Introduction to the Test

ICR performs MAS standard specification testing and reliability EMC testing services for customers to register with the Procurement Service.
Testing of products conforming to the MAS standard test criteria of the procurement agency (CCTV camera).

Affected product

Image monitoring value
Indoor and outdoor according to installation location and special (IR camera, etc.) according to application

Industry sector

Test Standard

This standard applies to "video monitoring" (video monitoring cameras and recording devices) that are used to film and monitor images with a television battery system intended to serve only certain receivers.

물리적 망분리와 논리적 망분리
Test item Details Remark
Operating test Visual confirmation
Image quality Resolution(stop/mobile object), dynamic range, noise, color gamut, white balance Verification of image quality for day and night filming
Inner environment
(Indoor use)
Coldresistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, dustproof, waterproof Resistance Test of Exposure Environment
Inner environment
(External use)
Electromagnetic compatibility Satisfied the three-paragraph three-paragraph two of Article 47 of the Propagation Act Replace existing certificate
(Same model)
Wireless Satisfied the technical standards of the two-paragraph radio facility in Article 45 and Article 58-2 of the Radio Wave Act


Standard MAS test

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Yeongjun Yang