ICR's Automotive Electronics Testing Service

The automobile industry has become a modern necessity as a representative comprehensive industry with a wide range of front and rear related industries, including parts manufacturing and car assembly, sales, maintenance, installment financing, and insurance. As such, the safety of automobiles, a necessity for modern people, is the most important factor. Cars are no longer machine-engine products, but electronics are fast enough to make them smart. Automotive battlefield technology should be developed in accordance with the demands for safety and convenience and related technology development due to environmental pollution and resource degradation. ICR is providing the best quality and technology to test the electronics of domestic and overseas automobile companies in line with the technology development trend of the automobile industry.

Product range

In a car, the electric field is any part or device that carries electricity.
Brake System (ABS, ESC, HAC, ESS, CBC, HBA)
Car AVN, Car Audio, Navigation, Black Box, Digital Clock
BMS (Battery Management System), ECU (Engine Control Unit)
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), FATC (Full Automatic Temperature)
SKM (Smart Key Management) Cluster, ACU (Airbag Control Unit), Immobilizer, Cruise Control, BCM, PSM
PAS (Parking Aid System), RVC (Rear View Camera), Head Lamp, ABS, Telematics System, Alternator Relay, Motor (Power Window, Sunroof, Wiper, Washer, Seat), Sensor

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