CE (MD) Certification

CE is an integrated standard certificate mark, which means that it meets all the requirements of the EU Council Directive regarding safety, health, environment and consumer protection. CE certificate is a system introduced to gain international competitiveness by integrating it into one market for the free sale and distribution of goods, finance, people and services that satisfy EHSR(Essential Health & Safety requirements) in the European Union (EU) market. Therefore, it is mandatory to mark CE on the product.

CE (MD) Certification procedure

CE certificate must be obtained through EU-accreditation product certification authority, Notified Body (NB). In particular, certification of hazardous machinery groups described in Annex IV must be carried out through the EU-accreditation product certification authority.
After a required technical document including a test report is submitted to the certification authority, Notified Body will issue the certificate after determining its suitability. After CE certificate is issued, it can mark CE on the product.

What is scope of products for CE(MD) certification?

The following products are required by CE certification as specified by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
- General industrial machinery: Machinery, Interchangeable equipment, Safety component, Lifting accessory, Chains/ropes and webbing, Removable mechanical transmission devices, Partly completed machinery
- Hazardous machinery(Annex IV): Lift, Press, Plastic/rubber injection molding machine, Similar machinery such as circular saw, Safety components, etc.

What is the technical file for CE(MD) Certification?

- Mechanical Drawing
- Electrical Drawing
- P&ID
- Part List
- Part Certificate
- Manual
- Name Plate

Applied standards

The machinery standard is based on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and is applied EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849, and EN IEC 60204-1.
In addition, if there is an "Harmonized Standard" corresponding to each machinery, that standard will be applied.

CE (MD) certification expiration date

Expiration date does not exist for CE certificate, and EC type-examination certificate should be reviewed every five years.

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