Introduction to the Test

In the rapidly growing secondary battery market, safety and quality of a battery are becoming more important.

ICR established a large-scale medium/large battery specialized testing laboratory with the goal of contributing to a safer world by releasing safer products to the market through thorough product testing and certification. In our laboratory, we conduct all the tests for cell, module, pack and system level. Besides, all required testing services including domestic and overseas certification tests (KBIA, IEC, ISO, CB, UN etc.), battery performance testing, abuse testing, environment and transportation tests are provided.

In particular, by setting up a number of explosion-proof rooms to conduct abuse tests that can cause explosion and/or fire during the test, we have built an environment where you can safely conduct battery tests in a safe environment. We will try our best to provide the highest quality service for your business.

Applied field

1. Performance Testing : Cycle Life, Capacity, Efficiency, Energy Density, High temperature storage

2. Abuse Testing : Drop, Impact, Crush, Nail penetration, Immersion, High temperature short-circuit, (External short-circuit, Internal short-circuit, Forced discharge, Thermal abuse, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheating, Fire resistance, Thermal runaway, Propagation test

3. Environmental Testing & Durability Testing : Thermal shock, Vibration, Salt spray, IP test, Dust, Mechanical shock, Temperature/Humidity cycling, EMC, Altitude simulation, High temperature storage, Low temperature storage

Affected product

- Stationary battery : ESS(Energy Storage System) UPS etc.

- Traction battery : EV(Electric Vehicle), E-Scooter, Forklift, Golf cart, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle), Railway, Marine etc.

Industry sector

Test Standard

- EV : IEC 62660-3, ISO 12405-1/2/3, UN ECE R100, UN ECE R136, US FreedomCAR, GB/T 31484, GB/T 31486, KMVSS, KS R 1204, OEM Specification etc.

- ESS : IEC 62619, IEC 62620, SPS-C KBIA-10104-03-7312 etc.

- Others : UN 38.3, Government Project etc.


  • Cycler

  • Walk-in Chamber

  • Salt Spray

  • IPx1~IPx9K

  • Vibration

  • Immersion


  • Altitude Simulation

  • Crush / Nail Penetration

  • Thermal Shock

  • Impact / External Short-Circuit

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