Introduction to the Test

Car is no longer mechanical engine products but it is becoming electronic product, electronic apparatus and smart products. The safety of a car as necessitated by modern society is the most important factor.

To maximize the safety and convenience for drivers, the electromagnetic wave requirements for car makers and international standards become strengthened. ICR provides AUTOMOTIVE EMC services to help the design and evaluation of the automotive electronic units required by car makers in response to the restrictions on electromagnetic waves.

Affected product

Electronic apparatus in car any part and device in which electricity is flowing

Industry sector

Test Standard

International Standards : CISPR 25, ISO 7637 series, ISO 11452 series, SAE J 1113 series
Car maker SPEC (Recognition of Test lab): HMC (ES96200-00), KMC (ES96200-00), SYMC (SES E 922)
Car maker: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VOLKSWAGEN, etc…
KC: KN41, KN15194, KN301-489-51
E/e-mark: ECE R10


Contact Person

Im Dae Hyun