Introduction to the Test

In addition to the reliability test, we provide technical support for analysis areas such as solderability evaluation for Pb-free solder products and failure analysis for various products according to Pb usage regulations.

In order to develop competitive products and parts, reliability tests that can ensure product performance and quality in various environments are also important, but in the event of a failure, find a failure mechanism such as environmental factors or physical factors to eliminate the failure factors. Is more important. In this regard, ICR provides more technical and reliable analytical services as a certification body such as industrial safety and product certification.

Applied field

Brake System (ABS, ESC, HAC, ESS, CBC, HBA), Car AVN, Car Audio, Navigation, Black Box, Digital Clock, BMS (Battery Management System), ECU (Engine Control Unit), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), FATC (Full Automatic Temperature), SKM (Smart Key Management) Cluster, ACU (Airbag Control Unit), Immobilizer, Cruise Control, BCM, PSM, PAS (Parking Aid System), RVC (Rear View Camera), Head Lamp, ABS, Telematics System, Alternator, Relay, Motor (Power Window, Sunroof, Wiper, Washer, Seat etc.), Sensor etc.

1. Shape Analysis
- Microstructure analysis of materials using optical / metal / electron microscope
(SEM) facilities
- Device and soldering part shape analysis through solderability evaluation
- Sample pretreatment and cross-section analysis for evaluation of the junction of samples
2. Component Analysis
- Component analysis for organic and inorganic materials
3. Property analysis
- Phase change and thermal expansion rate measurement of materials through thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TMA) facilities
- Mechanical property evaluation using universal testing machine and bond strength tester
4. Ultrasonic Analysis
- Internal peeling analysis of electronic circuit board semiconductor (IC) device

Industry sector

Test Standard

1. ES90000-01, 02, 04 and others decomposition analysis
2. MS standard property analysis
3. Field failure analysi


  • SEM-EDS Electron microscope

  • SAT Ultrasonic microscope

  • < X-ray microscope

  • 3D Digital microscope

  • Bond Strength Tester

  • Universal Testing Machine

Contact Person

Gwon Sang Hyeok

In Ju Mun