CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

CCC is compulsory certification system to ensure that all products manufactured and distributed in China and all products and parts exported to China must be certified for safety and quality in accordance with IEC (International Electric Standards Association) and Chinese national standards.CCC mark must be obtained for sales and distribution in China.

As China joined with WTO, China was integrating two certification systems (CCEE & CCIB) to one certification system (CCC) on December 3, 2001.CCC systemwas enforced from August 1, 2003.
If a company exporting to China does not receive this certification, customs clearance is not permitted and there are cases in which fines may be imposed.

To obtain CCC marks, client must be following the below
- submitting an application, technical documents and test products to a Chinese certification body;
- testing in testing house in china;
- factory inspection; and - issuing certificate

Factory that wants to produce certified products can ensure the safety of the target products, and check whether the products that have been certified for safety are produced and maintained continuously at the manufacturing site. In order to do this, initial factory reviews and regular factory reviews will be conducted. In the case of a post-factory review, the review cycle is more than once a year.

If you have obtained CCC certification, you can purchase the CCC Label by attaching the CCC certification mark, or print the CCC Logo on the product nameplate to display it. There are 5 types of labels, and they are sold in pack units. When printing the CCC logo on the nameplate, it can be used after approval.

Mandatory Products in CCC
Wire / Cable
Electrical switches, protection equipment, and electrical connection devices
Low voltage electric equipment
Low power motor
Electrical tools
Electric welding machine
Household appliances
Video &Sound equipment
Information Technology Equipment
Lighting equipment
Information and communication terminal equipment
Car safety component
Car tire
Safety glass
Farm machinery products
Medical Equipment
Fire fighting equipment
Technical security information product
Explosion-proof products

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