Introduction to the Test

Nuclear power plants use proven parts, applying items made in accordance with the nuclear quality assurance procedures. However, due to various reasons of the production company, the nuclear quality assurance program was no longer maintained or the nuclear safety evaluation product was discontinued. As a result, when it becomes difficult to purchase safety evaluation items, guidelines have been developed to convert items produced under general industry standards under the supervision of the US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as safety evaluation items.

In the case of South Korea, the quality of general standard products is verified according to the provisions of Section 17.12 of the KINS Directive. Products purchased for the application of safety items for general standard products are checked for quality and conformity, All work should be included in the qualification process, and the qualification process should be documented.

Here's how to perform a quality check on a typical off-the-shelf product.
1) Special tests and inspection,
2) Commercial-Grade Survey
3) Source Verification
4) Item/Supplier Performance Record

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Industry sector

Test Standard

EPRI NP-5652(1988),
EPRI NP-6406(1989),
EPRI TR-017218-R1(1999),
EPRI TR-102260(1994),
EPRI TR-106439(1996),
EPRI TR-3002002982 (2014)
US NRC Generic Letter 89-02(1989),
US NRC Generic Letter 91-05(1991)


Commercial Grade Item Dedication

  • Fan Performance Tester:

  • Universal Test Machine:

  • Thermal Camera:

  • 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeter:

  • Data Acquisition System:

  • LCR Meter:

CGID Test lab

Commercial Grade Item Dedication

  • Handy Calibrator:

  • Universal protection test set:

  • Scope corder 16CH:

  • Switch Aging Tester:

  • R-Load Device:

  • AC/DC Power Source:

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