ICR is committed to the fulfillment of its responsibility for assuring impartiality in relation to the provision of its certification services to management systems and hereby declares the following policy of impartiality:

  • Declaration 01

    ICR shall not place itself in any situation where conflicting interests may exist and adversely affect or damage impartiality of interested parties while providing our certification services.

  • Declaration 02

    ICR shall not place itself in a situation where audit resources pursue pecuniary interest by sufficient management of resources.

  • Declaration 03

    All management and employees of ICR shall maintain good communication and understand the importance of impartiality to assure openness with all audit results.

  • Declaration 04

    ICR auditors shall maintain business characteristics of objectiveness and impartiality in performing their auditing services, and shall clearly recognize the provision of certification services through the continuous improvement of professionalism and enhanced business skills.