ICR's Testing Service for Household/Commercial product.

ICR is a trusted partner for manufacturers of consumer electronics products and provides comprehensive testing services to meet global standards and technical requirements.
The ICR provides testing services for a variety of consumer electronics, including:

Products range

◆ Small/large kitchen appliances (Household/commercials)
- Beverage des Fencing Equipment, Ice Cream Maker, Ice Maker, Microwave, etc.
- Refrigerator, ice maker, oven, vending machine, etc.
- Hygiene appliances; low-water baths, electric disinfection machines, etc.
◆ HVAC Equipment (Household/Commercial)
- Massage equipment; electric massage equipment, massage belts, massage chairs, etc.
- Personal beauty products; hair dryer, hand dryer, ancient period, etc.
- Small kitchen appliances; electric stove, coffee maker, electric rice cooker, mixer, hand whisk, etc.
- Household appliances; electric cold water heaters, etc.

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