Introduction to the Test

As the industry develops, products are miniaturized and direct, so information devices have recently begun to mix with other devices or products.
That's changing the regulations of the world.
ICR provides testing and certification services for fusion/complex devices in line with globalization.

Applied field

KC is an integrated national certification mark that was unified from July 1, 2009 by integrating 13 legal certification marks that were granted by five ministries, including the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Environment, the Broadcasting Communications Commission, and the National Fire and Marine Insurance Agency. The ministry's certification bodies have unified the legal compulsory certification system for safety, health, environment and quality, which had been used before to eliminate other difficulties and promote international credibility. ICR is an electronic safety, electromagnetic waves, wireless devices, etc. for domestic electrical appliances. Provides services for. The ICR enables one-stop service of electrical safety, electromagnetic waves, and radio communication in electrical appliances.
The European Union has guidelines, standards, etc.Manage CE authentication through. CE Marketing was implemented in earnest in December 1990 when testing and certification systems for conformity assessment were unified in accordance with product specifications and technical regulations, unified into a comprehensive approach, unified the certification procedures and certification marks used for each product, and set 17 categories of items subject to certification, and eight certification methods (Module). Currently, products in 22 categories are subject to CE certification.
The ICR provides one-stop testing and certification services for various types of electronic and electrical products through its Polish branch.

Affected product

Information and communication and office equipment(ex, monitors, laptops, smartphones, telephones, etc.)
Audio/video equipment(ex, TV, acoustics, video cameras, etc.)
Laboratory/measurement equipment(ex, sterilizer, centrifuge, analysis equipment, measuring equipment, etc.)

Industry sector

Test Standard

Compliance with the importance of electrical safety testing is a mandatory requirement in major markets around the world.
Safety testing is a necessary process to meet legal requirements and reduce risk from the product. Household appliances
IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-6, IEC 60335-2-15, IEC 60335-23, IEC 60335-2-24 and IEC 60335-225
IEC 60335-2-32, IEC 60335-2-35, IEC 60335-2-75, IEC 60335-2-82, IEC 60335-2-89
IT/AV standards
IEC 62368, IEC 60950-1, IEC 60065
Lighting equipment specification
IEC 60598-1, KS C IEC 7678
Laboratory/Measurement standards
IEC 61010-1 ,IEC-61010-2-010, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-030, IEC 61010-2-031. IEC 61010-2-040, IEC 61010-2-051, IEC 610-2-081, IEC 610-10-2-091



  • Safety test chamber

  • Safety test chamber

  • Safety Test Laboratory: General Testing

  • Safety Test Laboratory: Material Testing (Ball pressure test / Tracking test / Glow wire test / Need

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency test chamber

  • Energy efficiency test chamber

  • Air velocity meter

  • Power Meter

  • Balance

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